Exclusive Stone-Cutting Sculpture

On our site you will find a wealth of exclusive representation of souvenirs artfully performed by talented artists from semi-precious stones , precious stones, silver and gold.

Wealthy people are looking for representation we launched , which emphasize their respectability , suitable to their high status and were a source of positive associations with the donor . VIP Jewelry, designed the first corporate officers should not only be solid and original , but must also consider the nature of the recipient. The presence of such a gift can decorate an office manager, Recalling of its importance , respect of colleagues and personal business success .

Assumed that VIP jewelry should always be strict and mature . “stone-flower.com” is a creative approach to creating gifts even very high-ranking persons , so that such jewelry is not only nice to receive , but also extremely happily give !

Not less important is the souvenir package in which it is served . Each product of our workshop attached individually made for each subject case – casket of precious wood : walnut, oak , etc. Artfully chosen and decorated – luxury gifts our workshop make the process of giving a bright , memorable event !