Boar Material: obsidian, cacholong, carnelian. Size: 7 cm


The CASKET “OCTOPUS” Materials: Red jasper, obsidian, gold, silver, diamonds.

frog jade

Hare Material: obsidian, cacholong, carnelian. Size: 7 cm

Hippopotamus Materials: Cossack japan, Jambul agate, cacholong, gold 750, diamonds. Size: 6,5cm 6,5cm 4,5cm
Pug - obsidian and rhodonite And diamonds, gold 750 Size 5 cm

A mouse with pistachio . Material: obsidian , carnelian , silicon , jasper . Size: 6 cm


Sculpture “Rhinoceros” is a jewelry in the original performance in the style of Faberge, made of semiprecious minerals and silver. A miniature composition, easily fits in the hand, is intended among other things for tactile perception, its smooth, polished texture … Continued


Exclusive stone-cutting sculptures of animals
precious stones

Well, who among us does not love gifts ? You can buy and give cards and flowers ,
and some can be expensive gift – here on the situation .
However , more useful and more enjoyable to get a souvenir from natural stone.
This is no ordinary bauble , which is enough to put in the closet and forget about it .
Stone souvenirs are a superb combination of the unique work of hands of these masters and
unexplored pristine natural beauty and elegance. That’s why so many like to give gifts of
natural stone.

Secret gift of stone simple – stone originally a work of art . But in the hands of a master ,
this work of art becomes a true masterpiece , as deep and rich natural stone complemented by
master craftsmanship and inspiration .

At first glance , souvenirs made of stone are silent and cold , but we need only to touch him ,
as the whole body is filled with unusual warmth and energy. Those who are able to experience this
extraordinary warmth, gifts and souvenirs made of stone open their extraordinary possibilities .

In our store you will find a wide selection of gifts made of stone – luxury gifts and ornaments
will amaze with its beauty and diversity. They are unique , and souvenirs such you will not
find in other stores that sell gifts of natural stone.

Souvenirs made of natural stone will be a wonderful addition to any interior. Indisputable
advantages of natural stone are:

durability; strength; elegance ; products made of natural stone will never go out of fashion ;
eco-friendly natural stone , has no effect on the human body , except only positive ; unusual colors created by nature itself ; products made of natural stone perfectly underline the high status and taste of the owner (which is why it is a good gift for business people who have everything and so equipped) .
If you want to make a good gift loved ones – purchase products made of natural stone in the