Apple tree.
Apple tree.

Apple tree. Material: jade, Belorechensky quartzite, quartz, silver. Size: 11 cm

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Materials: jade, silver, quartz iridescent (ie rainbow) obsidian. Size: 13 cm.
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Cactus Material: jade, jasper, rhodonite and silver. Size: 13 cm

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Carnation field
Carnation field

Carnation field . Material: jade , quartz, silver, gilding . Height : 14cm

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Carnation. Material: rhodonite, quartz, silver. Size: 13 cm

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Carved Gemstone Daisy Flower Study
Designed in the style of Fabergé and fabricated in Russia by a contemporary artist, the present flower study is carved of white Kascholong opal from the Caspian Sea region. Accented with a ladybug which is carved of carnelian, set with very small, near-colorless diamonds as well as black diamonds. The vase is carved of Armenian obsidian. The flower has silver stems and adornment to the vase with four nephrite leaves.
Height 5in
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Dandelion Material: clear quartz, jade green, silver, gilding. Size: 14 cm

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Geranium. Material : gold , jade , diamonds , rhodonite . Size: 13 cm

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Kascholong Opal and Nephrite Flower Study--"Jasmine" Incorporating a rare form of opal known as kascholong opal. Derived from the Mongolian, it describes a translucent, white opal with a porcelain appearancewhich does not possess play-of-color. With similarities to mother-of-pearl it has on occasionally been called "mother-of-pearl opal". The present high-qualitymaterial, originating in Siberia, is extremely porous and suitable for carving due to its hardness (Mohs 7.5), which is greater than fire opal and more comparable to chalcedony. The present flower study was designed and executed in the style of Fabergé. An enchanting flower study which features three flowers in full bloom, each accented to the centers with a total of 36 diamonds, and three opal buds, decorated with two rich green nephrite leaves. The 18K yellow gold stem is finished with a matte texture. The removable rock crystal vase is carved of optically clear quartz. Height 6 1/2 in
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Material: Brazilian agate, cubic zirconia.
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Oak Material: jade, quartz, silver. Size: 11 cm

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Orchid. Material: cacholong, jade, Arizona petrified wood, silver. Size: 14 cm

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Raspberries Material: jade, smalt, jasper, quartz, silver. Size: 14 cm

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red bilberry
Red Bilberry
Multi-gemstone Carving--"Berries in a Vase"
Russia Red jasper and green nephrite berries . The leaves are carved of green jasper, in an optically clear rock crystal quartz vase.
Height 6 1/4 in
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Sakura. Material: brown jade quartzite Belorechensky silver. Size: 11 cm

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Strawberries made of natural jade and silver. Material: jade, cacholong, quartz, silver Size: 13 cm. Composition “Strawberries” – a jewel in the style of Faberge, made of semiprecious minerals and silver 925 °. In this sketch of manual work the … Continued

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Violet Material: jade, rhodonite, quartz, silver. Size: 10 cm

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Lily of the valley.
Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley. Material: jade , cacholong , quartz, silver, gilding . Height : 11 cm

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Our sculptures from stone, we are trying to revive the spirit of the works of the great master, working in his style, to meet the expectations of buyers.


Flowers Made of Natural Stone
Traditional natural habit of giving flowers grown with their own hands in their own good,
but it has several drawbacks . Need to plant a plant, expect when it grows up. Meanwhile,
jade , offers shops stone-flower always lovely souvenir to remind you of the owner for a long time .
The range of products provided by the store , among which you can find amazing gifts made ??by
the hands of skilled craftsmen , who have invested in jade whole soul and years of experience .

Almost all online store products contain natural jade . Among them you can choose according to
their quality jewelry luxury gifts :

Strawberries, Azalea, Jasmine, Magnolia, Lilies, Lingonberry.
Amazing products of excellent quality, which is a jade, quartz shaded , Kacholong , jasper ,
silver and many other metals. To present such gifts , then give not just jade ,
and assure a loved one in their devotion , love and respect . After all, these gifts will last a
long time because they are timeless , the influence of the external environment.

Handmade from natural stone , located in the list of world’s most beautiful products deliver a
universal gift to a colleague , a friend , a loved one. At all times, jade decorated home, using
as a talisman .