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Frog. (pendant)

Material: jade , carnelian .

Pendant “climbing frog”
Is a handmade jewelry in the style of Faberge. A lace or chain (about 2 mm in diameter) is passed through the feet of the frog, which allows you to carry the pendant around your neck. Miniature composition measuring 21/17/11 mm. Is made of classic jade with specks. Jade is an ancient material, from which carvings were cut in ancient China. The name “jade” comes from the ancient Greek word “nephros”, which means “kidney”, because the ancient Greeks believed that jade helps with kidney disease.
The eyes of a frog are inlaid from a natural red carnelian, as well as a well-known carved material, since ancient times. This is a fine carving, the frog’s fingers are a millimeter thick.
“A man is more frank than anything in small things,” psychologists say. And little things can tell us a lot about us. This elegant decoration will emphasize the status of the owner, and noble natural materials and filigree carving will please the eye. We hope that this decoration will suit your taste.
Do you see how he looks at you with his little red eyes?

Additional information

Dimensions 2 × 3 × 2 mm


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    Yoshi, can you tell how to get this benchmark to run? If I do what you describe here, I'm running into socket creation problems after couple of seconds (netstat has thousands TIME_WAIT sockets, so client runs out of &q;ctusooket address space", which is 64K sockets).

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