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Red Bilberry


Multi-gemstone Carving–“Berries in a Vase”
Red jasper and green nephrite berries . The leaves are carved of green jasper, in an optically clear rock crystal quartz vase.
Height 6 1/4 in


Red Bilberry

Material: jasper , smalt , jade , quartz, quartzite Belorechensky silver .

Size: 12 cm

Composition “Red Bilberry” – a handmade jewelry in the style of Faberge, made of semiprecious minerals and silver.
To create a realistic look, two bunches of large ripened berries were cut from purpurin, half-ripe berries ripe – pink quartzite, a few immature little ones – from jewelry jade, and for the leaves were used Kozakchikanskaya and Kushkuldinskaya jasper. On the glossy front side of the leaves are engraved thin veins, and the back side is made of matte, conveying the natural beauty of the natural plant.
Stems of cowberry are made of silver 925 °, and special treatment of the surface of the metal resembles a velvet texture of a living plant.
The vase is carved from a single block of quartz, in the manufacturing technique that was used in the Faberge times, which creates a reliable feeling of filling the vessel with water. The technique, which still fascinates the imagination, as it was in the days of Faberge.