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Strawberries made of natural jade and silver.

Material: jade, cacholong, quartz, silver
Size: 13 cm.

Composition “Strawberries” – a jewel in the style of Faberge, made of semiprecious minerals and silver 925 °. In this sketch of manual work the eastern idea of ​​ripening-withering is embodied: a blossoming flower, a small strawberry and a large, matured one.

To create a realistic look, the berries were carved from purpurin, and for sepals, grassy jade was used. The white petals of the flower are carved from cacholonga, the lower petals are a fine carving of jade, and the stamens are cast from silver, covered with gold. Stems strawberries are also made of silver 925 °, and special treatment of the surface of the metal resembles a velvet texture of a living plant.

Of particular interest is the trefoil on a silver stem. It is artificially cut from a single block of jade, so that all three petals do not touch each other and are connected by thin legs at the base of the sheet, the thickness of which is only 2-3 millimeters. The veins on the underside of the sheet correspond to the veins of the front side. Thin notches on the edges of jade leaves repeat their silhouette in a plant in nature.

The vase is carved from a single block of quartz, in the manufacturing technique that was used in the Faberge times, which creates a feeling of fullness of the vessel with water.