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Earrings with leaf birch beetle

We offer you a bright, warm, summer-like charming and elegant earrings studs. Earrings are frozen INSTANT summer – two small birch leaf, with shrunken them ladybirds that are about to fly away. Note bozhh cows – they are as small as 4-5 mm. In order to make such a small bug, bring together body and tiny head, a piece of black obsidian, it required no small skill stonecutter. Not to mention the tiny specks on the back made of faceted spinel with a diameter of 1 mm …

Earring studs – one of the most common pieces of jewelry that you can give even a little girl. So little ones usually choose earrings made of silver, with small stones or pebbles in the form of petals.

The options are many such ornaments as earrings are very popular because of the convenience of design. Navryatli someone want to lose loved by decoration. The construction of the castle in stud earrings prevent accidental undoing. Just earrings will not cling to clothes and confused in mind that such volosah.V earrings can be worn for a long time without discomfort. This is probably why parents prefer these earrings for their young daughters.

These earrings – just a godsend for those who like small earrings carnation plant topic. In addition to the attractive design, another advantage is the material from which made earrings. Jade is a more valued every year. Not so long ago in Hong Kong at a famous auction was sold jade seal for more than 12 million dollars. A small elephant made of jade, originally exhibited 150 000 thousand, went to the surprise of 4 million pounds a little at a small auction in the UK.

So far it’s just a small stud earrings handmade jade, which you can give your little daughter. But who knows, maybe in a hundred years – two hundred of them it will be possible to gain a fortune ..


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