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Material: Brazilian agate, fianit.




Not everyone can wear such jewelry. But just on the edge of light and darkness, the beautiful and the ugly art is created. Like the rest of our lives. Great Faberge studied Japanese art of netsuke, and yet still it was applied the principle: a combination of smooth and rough, yazyaschnogo and scrap, the ugly and the beautiful. This work combines beautiful polished agate and odious, repulsive, or even the image of the crustacean. And his powerful armor contrasted with thin translucent legs, stretching up and mustache anxiously pressed to his head, and a calf. Thin and fragile legs neatly arranged on the belly – a symbol of inner content concealed in the outer shell of protection. Agree, every one of us wants to have something inside their own, individual, belonging only to him and protected from external influences.


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