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“Wonderful fish” – so named squid ancient Greeks and Romans. This mysterious, fascinating creature with three hearts and the ability to regenerate, is a symbol of emancipation of the mind, or at least the desire for it, and the desire for change, interest in the new and the unknown. Also squid, for example, can leave the course, if it prevents him escape from danger and survive. Therefore, a pendant in the form of the squid is that its owner is able to forget about past lives, leave bad memories and move on, taking with them only what he really needed. In addition, the squid can grow a new limb to replace the old. Therefore, it is also a symbol of renewal and rebirth.

Presented here pendant handmade size 35/14 / 17mm. Carved from a natural translucent Brazilian agate, which reliably replicates the form of live shellfish. On the front side of the drawing is visible natural agate, speckled and white stars and sand color.

Eyes – it’s inlay of carnelian. The hole diameter of 2 mm. It allows you to pass a string or chain. Kalmar as if hanging on a chain grasping it with its tentacles.

In this work, there is some mystery – try to guess where some tentacles.